Drive workforce education and training



Yearly Based Objective

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date

Responsible Persons

6.1 Increase awareness of career technical programs and services through consistent and ongoing marketing efforts. 6.1.1 Develop Careers & Training pod on the Barton website.
6.1.2 Implement marketing plan utilizing Admissions and WTCE inquiry lists.
6.1.3 Participate in external marketing events and activities.
6.1.1 Majority of Website Operational. Insert Careers & Training Pod website link to monitor progress

6.1.2 Plan initiated in March 2009; review and evaluate the plan and data in spring 2010 to determine progress and next steps.

6.13 Monitor participation though link to tracking spreadsheet; utilize Marketing Event Forms (debriefing tool) to gauge effectiveness and continued participation in specific events.

6.2 Establish a consistent and understandable fiscal reporting system for career technical programs utilizing a revised FRT format.
6.2.1 Adapt FRT financil model to current reporting needs.
6.2.2 Incorporate FRT financial model in yearly program fiscal review.
6.2.3 Utilize FRT financial data to make informed decisions regarding programs.
6.2.1 Modified FRT financial model.

6.2.2 Completed fiscal review for each program.

6.2.3 Demonstrate use of fiscal information in decision-making.

6.3 Establish a viable program review process for career technical programs incorporating guidelines and requirements from the Kansas Board of Regents
6.3.1 Establish program review model according to KBOR guidelines.
6.3.2 Implement modle on established reporting schedule.
6.3.3 Utilize program review results in conjunction with financial reports to manage career technical programs.

6.3.1 Identified program review model.

6.3.2 Complete program reviews per state and local guidelines.

6.3.3 Share results with advisory boards for comment and collaboration. Identified strategies and actions to manage programs.

6.4 Support development and implementation of program supporting industry and military.
6.5 Increase awareness of MOST/Hazmat programs.
6.6 Market OSHA outreach classes to business and industry. 6.6 Develop and offer 2 addional OSHA classes




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