Develop a highly functional human resource system


Yearly Based Objectives

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date


2.1 Celebrate successful college achievements.

2.1.1 Establish an award for individuals that exemplify a “Barton Driven” motivation and contribute to the success of a specific project

2.1.2 Develop ways to celebrate AQIP accomplishments and successes

2.1.3 Develop or utilize ways to celebrate college, student, departmental and employee successes


2.1.1 Gene Kingslien, Bill Nash, and Wynn Butler established a Fort Riley Barton “Coin” award to individuals that exemplify a "Barton Driven" motivation and contribute to the success of a specific project.

2.1.2 AQIP Celebrations

2.1.3 College, student, departmental and employee celebrations

2.1.1 A number of coins have been awarded to commemorate successful activities, for example integrating Survey Wizard into OAC assessment by Mike Cox

• Spring 2009 celebration of Revision of Bulletin
• Fall 2009 celebration of Curricula Approval Matrix, Location Approval Process, and Programs of Study Report Database
• Campus posters announcing accomplishments

• Good News e-mails 19-24 have been sent out by Dr. Heilman so far this fiscal year
• NISOD Awards of Excellence presented to employees during Professional Conference Days in August
• Chamber of Commerce Coffee—WTCE open house celebrating new training quarters for the Nursing Program
• 40th Anniversary Celebration—videos, e-mail information to staff, promotional items, testimonials, and incorporation into on-going activities
• Ellsworth Correctional Facility—annual Learning Celebration event
• Numerous notes, e-mails, cards, etc. of appreciation and commendation to Barton departments and individual faculty and staff members
• Celebration of the Grand Opening of the Kansas Wetlands Education Center
• Professional Conference Days
• Recognition of faculty/staff work anniversaries
• Recognition of employee retirements

President (Pres), Management Council (MC)

2.2 Recognize individual department successes

2.2.1 Continue implementing a process to motivate supervisors to regularly celebrate individual and departmental celebrations. E.G., short motivational e-mail messages 2.2.1 Individual and departmental celebrations

2.2.1 On October 2, 2009, HR once again began sending out supervisor motivational e-mails and is also exploring other options

Management Staff, Human Resources (HR)

2.3 Recognize annual anniversary of each employee

2.3.1 Create and maintain an up-to-date list of employee work anniversaries accessible by supervisors

 2.3.1 Posted work anniversary list for supervisor access 2.3.1 
• HR is scheduled to create an employee work anniversary list and to post it on the T: Drive so that supervisors have access to this information beginning January 1, 2010
• The folder was created on the T: Drive and is called HREmployee Work Anniversaries.
• A spreadsheet listing all regular employee work anniversaries was placed into the folder, which will be updated on a semi-annual basis.
• Supervisors were notified by e-mail of the folder and spreadsheet on December 3, 2009.

Management Staff, HR

2.4 Complete remaining components of HR Action Plan

2.4.1 Continue updating job descriptions for all positions utilizing the new job description format (where feasible)

2.4.2 Make proposal for streamlined hiring procedure for regular positions based on recommendations provided by HR consultant, hiring supervisors, and HR staff

2.4.3 If procedure is modified, notify supervisors of changes 


• The second phase of the updated job description project which includes all of the remaining positions was launched on August 3, 2009. As of March 5, 2010, we are down to only about 25 outstanding job descriptions left in order to finalize this project.

• The steps to fill a replacement or new position, along with corresponding links, have all been outlined on the new web site. To access this information, click here.
• The Position Requisition and Authorization form only needs to be completed if there is a hiring freeze or the supervisor is requesting a change to the positions such as change in length of employment from 9-months to 10-months or adding additional responsibilities causing change in salary grade.
This satisfied Step 10 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• A review of streamlined application packet contents is currently underway

2.4.3 The streamlined hiring procedures were discussed at the July 6, 2009 President’s Staff meeting and a link to these procedures located on the Barton web site was included in the minutes of the meeting


2.5 Revise, update, and extend HR Action Plan

2.5.1 Review current status of HR Action Plan components (last updated 3-17-09)--complete, in-process, or not started. Determine components to be completed and develop time line accordingly. 2.5.1 Plan with timelines to complete components of Action Plan

• One of the actions called for determining how to handle interviews for student employment due to the large hiring volume within a short amount of time and HR staffing availability. It was determined that guidelines would be created to address this need.
The “Guidelines for Student Employee Interview Process” were developed and they were sent to all student employee supervisors on October 5, 2009, and also posted on the web site. To access these guidelines, click here.  This satisfied part of Step 7 on the Human Resources Action plan. To view this plan, click here.
• Another action called for HR to process employment contracts/forms. With the new Schedule Request database and process and involvement from cross-functional areas, HR began processing both WTCE (have been doing these for more than a year), as well as Academic associate faculty/overload employment forms since October 12, 2009. This satisfied Steps 19 and 20 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• Another action called for HR to train supervisors on satellite copies do’s and don’ts. The “Supervisor’s Employee Working File” document was created and sent out to supervisors on October 2, 2009, and also posted on the web site. To access these guidelines, click here. This satisfied Step 28 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• Another action called for potential changes to the Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance policy notifying employees of the College’s right to conduct tests for drugs and alcohol if an employee is involved in an accident while working for the College. Draft changes to this policy were made. The draft policy has undergone two reviews at President's Staff and is slated for review at the March 9 Management Council meeting. This policy change was approved at the March 9 meeting, sent out on the all users list, and posted in the College's policy and procedure manual. To access this policy, click here. This satisfied Step 41 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• One of the actions called for detailed step-by-step payroll processing procedures. Several procedures have already been developed and additional procedures will be created as time allows. This step will be rolled over to the 2010-2011 College Plan. Please refer to Step 51 in the Human Resources Action Plan by clicking here.
• Another action called for bringing consistency to the applicant processing procedures on both campuses for uniformity and decreased liability to the College. Progress on this action has been made and will continue. This satisfied Step 56 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• Another action called for the creation of a supervisory training manual. The manual has been created and sent out electronically to all supervisors on October 20, 2009, and has also been posted on the web site. To access this manual, click here. This satisfied Steps 36 and 37 on the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.
• Drug Free-Environment letter and policy were sent out to all employees by hard-copy on Friday, February 12, 2010. Determination has been made that a biennial review is not required under the Drug-Free Workplace Act.
This satisfied Step 38 of the Human Resources Action Plan. To view this plan, click here.

Pres, DB, HR

2.6 Address Category 4 AQIP Process, Results, and Improvement questions Valuing People

2.6 Link to AQIP wiki where responses to Category are being developed:Category 4

The committee had its first meeting on August 16. New committee members were added to include: Alissa Duncan, Kandi LeClear, and Shanna Legleiter. To review the meeting agenda and notes, click here.

The second meeting occurred on October 1, 2009. To review the meeting agenda and notes, click here.

Our third meeting occurred on November 18, 2009. To review the meeting agenda, click here.

Our fourth meeting will occur on January 22, 2010. To review the meeting agenda, click here.

Committee report was finalized and posted onto the AQIP wiki. To review this report, click here.







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