Enhance college operational effectiveness and efficiency



Yearly Based Objective

Action for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date

Responsible Person

5.1 Strengthen administrative services and processes

5.1.1 Identify 4 administrative processes to be improved in FY 2010

5.1.2 Full implementation of branding message and marketing plan

1) Updating college website and utilizing as internal and external communication tool.
2) Develop standard faculty credit hour/student credit hour procedure guide and faculty overload procedure guide.
3) Process map the flow of association between Trustees, Barton Governance Policy, ENDS Statements, Strategic Planning, AQIP Accreditation Continuous Improvement and Yearly College Planning.
4) Administering employee professional development online training modules.

1) Operational website
2) New college signage
3) Incorporating brand message in public advertisements/billboards

1) Revamped web site operational and represents a “live document.
2) Faculty credit procedure guide is being developed and progress is being made.
3) Employees have been assigned timeframes for completing online training and training is being completed.

1)Website is operational and fully functioning.
2) New college signage is in place
3) Brand message is included in voice and print advertisements.

President (Pres)

5.2 Take steps to enhance accountability and measurement that positively impact fiscal conditions of Barton County Campus and college

5.2.1 Identify Standard Report

5.2.1. Recommend Standard Reports

1) WTCE is developing standard program review format.
2) Faculty instructional load tracking format is being developed.

Pres, Vice President (VP), Deans, Dean of Student Services (DSS)

5.3 Increase and optimize use of external funding resources to support college priorities

5.3.1 Increase financial resources available for college priorities by securing external funding.

5.3.2 Increase fiscal efficiency of Adult Education Program.

5.3.3 Increase fiscal efficiency of RSVP program.

5.3.4 Increase fiscal resources available to support WTCE strategic initiatives.

5.3.5 Increase external funding and in-kind contributions for Academic Division activities and events.


5.3.1 By June 30, increase grant awards at least 5% over FY 2009.
Submit at least 3 grants from first-time applicants.
Submit at least 2 funding requests to private foundations.

5.3.2 Apply for at least three external funding opportunities to support Adult Education Strategic Plan.
Map Adult Education grant budget management and monitoring processes.

5.3.3 Identify Strategic Priorities to guide RSVP external funding initiatives.
Map RSVP grant budget management and monitoring processes.
Apply for at least one new external funding opportunity to support RSVP Strategic Plan.

5.3.4 Identify and pursue at least 2 new funding opportunities to support WTCE Strategic Priorities.
Identify and pursue at least 1 new funding opportunity per WTCE unit; i.e., BTCE, HPSE, WTED, WO.

5.3.5 By June 30, increase grant awards at least 5% over FY 2009.
Submit at least 3 grants from first-time applicants.
Submit at least 2 funding requests to private foundations.

 5.3.1 Grant submissions and awards.

Grant collaboration and submissions:

  • Health Care Sector grant with KU
  • Perkins Reserve
  • RSVP Grant
  • State Energy Sector Grant
  • Student Support Services

Funded since 07/01/09:

  • BCUB
  • CKUB
  • ELCE
  • KBOR Nursing Grant
  • Perkins Reserve
  • RSVP
  • SSS
  • State Energy Sector

5.3.2 Developed new guidelines for income deposits and expenditures.

  • Conducted review of budget and budget procedures to ensure appropriate documentation.
  • Established new budget monitoring initiatives to ensure fiscal stability.
  • Assisting with the development of new Adult Education plan for FY 2010 and FY 2011.

5.3.3 Assisted RSVP with restructuring income accounts to establish a reserve fund.

  • Developed new guidelines for income deposits and expenditures.
  • Conducted review of budget and budget procedures to ensure appropriate documentation.
  • Began discussion concerning the establishment of a budgetary vision and strategic plan.
  • Reviewing 501(c)(3) potential.
  • RSVP staff applied for Midwest Energy grant for $500 in addition to Barton County Commission, Commission on Aging, and United Funding.

5.3.4 Continued monthly grant planning meetings with Executive Directors.

  • Collaborated on Perkins Reserve funding to obtain funding for a MUPTC-based ITV system.
  • Conducted budget reviews of Workforce Solutions Grants (Gas and Crop Protection).
  • Restructured budget monitoring processes for Workforce Solutions grants.
  • Assisted in renegotiating KBOR nursing grant budget with KBOR representatives.
  • Conducted review of Perkins Talent Grant and consulted on operational changes.
  • Long term funding project - development of Health Career Pathways proposal.
  • Collaborating with WTCE to establish new budget procedures State Energy Sector grant.
  • Assisted with the submission of the DOLETA Health Care Sector propsal - initiated by KU.

5.3.5 Explore possible external funding for Service Learning initiative

  • Provided grant opportunity information to faculty members.

Pres, DG, VP, Deans, DSS

5.4 Increase scholarship contributions for student awards - EDIA - Award scholarships as funds are available.

5.4.1 Increase donor awareness of giving opportunities.

5.4.2 Supplement faculty/departments for student learning experience.

5.4.3 Promote College activities and learning programs.

5.4.1 Increase new annual and endowment assets.

5.4.2 Increase the number of mini-grants and gifts to different departments or programs.

5.4.3 Increase the number of public and private presentations/conversations to promote the College.

 5.4.1 Increased new annual and endowment scholarships by 4 with a total increase of $76,001.00.

Increased Ellsworth Correctional Facility scholarships.

Received the Distinguished Service Award from the Post Rock Jaycees of ECF.

5.4.2 Provided $6,692.29 for faculty mini-grants. The number increased from 8 to 12 grants given

and $3,497.40 increased in money given.

Purchased a Bose sound system for the College in the amount of $5,248.00

Gave Jump Start program funds for their summer camp and have pledged scholarship money for 2010 camp.

Solicited funds for the Jack Kilby Science Day.

Solicited funds to purchase Auto Tech work shirts.

Have pledged financial support the Career Exploration Camp for the summer of 2010.

Purchased two Shafer bronzes for the art gallery.

5.4.3 Completed two major fundraising events for current and potential donors increasing revenue by $101,758.96 and have 2 more fundraising event planned in the spring of 2010.

Gave personal presentations to 6 civic groups.

Hosted the Donor Appreciation Dinner on September 14, 2010

Sold Tax credits to donors totally $8,000.00

Hosted 10 Board of Trustee 40th Anniversary dinners or receptions for guests that have impacted the success of the College.

Produced 3 quarterly Foundation newsletters and 5 Silver Cougar newsletters.

Planned and hosted 2 Silver Cougar Advisory board meetings.

Planned and hosted 3 Silver Cougar trips and several academic classes.

Planned and hosted the 3rd Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

Conducted private campus tours to interested individuals and community leaders.

Produced and sold the College’s 40th anniversary cookbook with proceeds being used to

purchase outdoor campus furniture (benches, tables & chairs and birdbath.)


5.5 Improve Facilities

5.5.1 Standard Reports

5.5.2 Identify deferred maintenance needs in support of student learning



5.5.2 As funding is available, deferred items are addressed and removed from the list

10-16-09 Current Capital Projects that were scheduled per the plan are in progress for this year. Facility team has met and discussed the Capital Outlay items and will update as needed




5.6 Enhance safety for students and employees

5.6.1 Continue with implementation of Emergency Operation Plan

10-16-09 The implemenation of the Emergency Operation Plan continues .

5.6.1 Complete installation of emergency notification equipment on the upper campus, the athletic fields, and Student Housing. Once installation is completed, additional testing and drills are to be conducted on an annual basis.    DA
5.7 Foster Employee Collaboration 5.7
1) Incorporate use of online employee surveys;
2) Invite and promote employee participation in review of college mission and vision; and
3) Conduct AQIP Discussion Days
1) Online surveys to support identification of professional development needs of faculty/staff and employee surveys gauge effectiveness of institution.
2) Schedule Cougar Quest AQIP discussion day for purpose of evaluating college Mission/Vision.
3) Schedule Cougar Quest AQIP discussion day for purpose of promoting and identifying action projects and continuous improvement.
        Pres, VP
5.8 Implement Green Initiatives

Green Links
Green Jobs





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