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Yearly Based Objective

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date

Responsible Persons

6.1 Increase awareness of career technical programs and services through consistent and ongoing marketing efforts. 6.1.1 Develop Careers & Training pod on the Barton website.

6.1.2 Implement marketing plan utilizing Admissions and WTCE inquiry lists.

6.1.3 Participate in external marketing events and activities.
6.1.1 Majority of Website Operational.
Careers & Training Pod website monitors progress

6.1.2 Plan initiated in March 2009; review and evaluate the plan and data in spring 2010 to determine progress and next steps.

6.1.3 Monitor participation though link to tracking spreadsheet; utilize Marketing Event Forms (debriefing tool) to gauge effectiveness and continued participation in specific events.

6.1.1  Majority of Careers & Training pod narrative & links complete; continuous monitoring of program area.

12/2009 - Maintenance and updates done monthly.

3/2010 - Careers and Training pod is operational; continuous maintenance and updates.

6.1.2  9/2009 - Waiting on program fliers.  

1/2010 - Completed program fliers - Agriculture, Auto, Business, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, Nursing, BAT, Early Childhood, Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution. Implementation for recruitment for these programs began 1/2010.

3/2010-Marketing plan was written. Level one was implemented with some programs. After the delay in development, program fliers and web pages are under review. New target – fall 2010 for full implementation of marketing plan.

6.1.3 9/2009 - Schedule of Marketing events WTCE members have participated in Marketing Event Tracking List

Showcase schedule of WTCE programs

12/2009 - Representatives in external committees:

  • Julie - GB Chamber of Commerce Board, GBMS Site Council, GB HR Round Tabel, and GBHS Career Pathway Committee
  • Kala - GB Chamber Ambassador
  • Steve - GB Rotary
  • Kathy - GBHS Vocational
  • Jane - GBHS Vocational
  • Leonard - GBHS Career Pathway Committee
  • Elaine - GBHS Site Council
  • Shanna - Relay for Life
Vice President (VP), Director of Workforce Training and Community Education (DWTCE)
6.2 Establish a consistent and understandable fiscal reporting system for career technical programs utilizing a revised FRT format.
6.2.1 Adapt FRT financial model to current reporting needs.

6.2.2 Incorporate FRT financial model in yearly program fiscal review.

6.2.3 Utilize FRT financial data to make informed decisions regarding programs.
6.2.1  Modified FRT financial model.

6.2.2 Completed fiscal review for each program.

6.2.3 Demonstrate use of fiscal information in decision-making.

6.2.1  9/2009 - Hosted a meeting on the topics of majors; plans for ongoing discussion. Identification of potential system challenges that challenge accurate reporting for a variety of reports including fiscal reviews.

Hosted a fiscal reporting meeting with Charles Perkins and Mark Dean; follow-up task to identify reporting mechanism that produces pertinent financial information.

12/2009 - Working with cross section committee to adjust student major reporting.
Monitoring monthly credit hour and enhancing awareness of program health.

2/2010-Submitted recommendation for specific revenue streams to be included in report beyond traditional program generated revenue.

6.2.2 9/2009 - Hosted meeting on the topic of Program Review; discussing methods of capturing fiscal information in review process.

2/2010-Requested guidance on the annual generation of fiscal program report and learned that fiscal reporting will be on a three year cycle in conjunction with Program Review.

6.2.3 3/2010-Utilized 07-08 fiscal review report to establish program goals and to monitor progress towards attainment.

6.3 Establish a viable program review process for career technical programs incorporating guidelines and requirements from the Kansas Board of Regents
6.3.1 Establish program review model according to KBOR guidelines.

6.3.2 Implement model on established reporting schedule.

6.3.3 Utilize program review results in conjunction with financial reports to manage career technical programs.

6.3.1 Identified program review model.

6.3.2 Complete program reviews per state and local guidelines.

6.3.3 Share results with advisory boards for comment and collaboration.

Identified strategies and actions to manage programs.

6.3.1 9/2009-Hosted meeting to revise current model.

12/2009 - Monthly meetings beginning in 2010 toward full implemenation.

3/2010-Draft model presented to VP, revision in process.

6.3.2 3/2010-Program review will be implemented on a three year cycle to begin fall 2010.

6.3.3 9/2009-Target spring 2010 advisory board meetings. 

3/2010-Program review model in process and will be discussed at advisory board meetings.

Spring 2011 results of program review will be shared at advisory board meetings.


12/2009 - Spring 2011 advisory meetings.

VP, DWTCE, Dean of Technical Information (DTE)
6.4 Support development and implementation of program supporting industry and military.

6.4.1 Expand contract services

6.4.2 – Retain current contracts

6.4.3 Expand offerings of non-credit online classes for industry

6.4.1 Pursue training contract with North Central KS DHS

6.4.2 Pursue renewal of HHW contract with KDHE

6.4.3 Conduct 2-3 non-credit online classes

6.4.1 “Canceled” due to state and federal funding

6.4.2 classes scheduled for GVP, Pittsburg, and Hays Spring 2010 plus (4 non-KDHE classses

6.4.3 HHW online class scheduled spring 2010

6.5 Increase awareness of MOST/Hazmat programs.

6.5.1 Expand MOST offerings to military Posts

6.5.2 Explore online offering of military classes

6.5.3 Expand offering of military classes to DOD/contractors

6.5.1 develop class schedules for

Fort leonardwood/Sill/Knox

6.5.2 Develop and offer online/Hybrid

military/Hazmat related non-credit classes

6.5.3 Offer military classes to contractors

6.5.1 Increased MOST-at targeted locations 100%

6.5.2 (2-3 year project) lack of resources this year

6.5.3– 3 PBUSE classes conducted at GVP Fall 09

1 PBUSE and 1 SAMS scheduled Spring 2010

6.6 Market OSHA outreach classes to business and industry.

6.6 Develop and offer 2 additional OSHA classes

 6.6 Conduct 10 and 30 hour classes.  6.6 Oct 09, 10 hour OSHA construction class completed, Dec 09, 30 hour construction class completed DTE




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