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Yearly Based Objective

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date

Responsible Person

7.1 Develop and maintain partnerships that enhance the College's ability to serve workforce needs in a responsive manner.

7.1.1 Utilize partnerships to identify workforce programs that serve economic needs.

7.1.2 Increase opportunities for student workforce experiences.

7.1.3 Enhance high school partnerships to include career technical concurrent coursework and career pathway opportunities.

7.1.1 Seek guidance from advisory boards and/or other partners to develop new and enhanced career technical programs.

7.1.2  Identify new internship and/or apprenticeship opportunities. Identify secondary partnerships interested in offering carer technical programs to students. Implement career technical concurrent offerings at the secondary level; provide list of offerings. Identify secondary partnerships intersted in developing career pathways. Implement career pathways with a secondary partner; provide list of pathway partnerships.


9/2009 - CBJT grant: Drafting and Welding Advisory Boards.

Collaborate with NCKTC-Hays for Pharmacy Tech Program.

Collaborate with NCKTC-Hays for Early Childhood Program.

New Clinical Partners

  • Affiliated Medical Services Laboratory, Inc. 6/18/09
  • Ashland Health Center 6/29/09
  • Children’s Mercy Hospital & Clinics Lab new KC 6/9/09
  • Clay County Medical Center 6/19/09
  • Coffeyville Regional Medical Center 6/9/09
  • Great Bend Regional Medical Center 7/10/09
  • Miami County Medical Center 7/8/09
  • Nevada Regional Medical Center 9/1/09
  • Sumner County Hospital 9/16/09
  • Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital 9/1/09


12/2009 - New Clinical Partners

  • Bates County Memorial Hospital 7/20/09
  • Lafayette Regional Health Center 7/29/09


3/2010-Enhancement of CPI partner-ship to add Pension Administration Certificate.

Developing partnership with NCKTC-Hays in EMS.

Spring 2010-developing partnership with NCKTC-Beloit delivering HVAC training for CBJT grant.

Online education for offenders within the Kansas Correctional facilities.

WTCE Business and Industry Support list 


9/2009 - Internships from Northern Natural Gas, Black Hills Energy and Midwest Energy established. Northern Natural Gas established a Registered Apprenticeship with the state of Kansas.

12/2009 - ECCAP

3/2010-ECCAP – Hays Head Start

9/2009 - Hosted meeting with Lyons High regarding EMT training

Hosted meeting at Ellsworth regarding EMT training; target implementation fall 2010

Hosted meeting at Claflin regarding EMT training in collaboration with Ellsworth; target implementation fall 2010

Hosted meeting with Great Bend Middle School regarding touring of techinal programs while classes are in session.

WTCE/WTED representative on Middle School Site Council meeting on September 15 and will continue to meet monthly.

Talent Grant (CNA) with Ellinwood and Great Bend

12/2009 - Lyons High EMT - on hold

Hosted Ellsworth/Claflin meeting December 14, 2009 - EMT-B will start in Fall 2010.

1/2010 - Hosted meeting at Pawnee Heights High School January 15, 2010 to discuss EMT and AHC.

12/2009 - Participant in ESSDACK KS Careers Techonline project.

9/2009 - Submitted information to Department of Commerce (HIT Grant) to include healthcare career pathway development.

12/2009 - Revisiting GBHS GAP partnership on January 29, 2010.

Hosted GBMS Careers - December 2009; will address potential follow-up at GBMS Site Council meeting January 2010.

1/2010 - Developing USD Career Event.

2/2009 - Revisiting GBHS Panther Prep partnership in January

7.2 Serve as an active participant in local and area economic development.--
7.2.1 Identify and implement as appropriate programs and services which support economic development initiatives.

7.2.1 Seek economic development partnerships on behalf of the College; provide list of economic development partners.

7.2.1 Identify programs and services that respond to local and area economic needs; provide list of responses.


9/2009 -  Stimulus Funding/WIA

  • Basic Computer Training
  • CNA
  • Crop Protection
  • Natural Gas
  • Phlebotomy

Development of MSC, Computer-Aided Drafting and Welding programs for CBJT target audience and dislocated workers (MSC) with an eye on sustainability for the institution and the community.

Lead for the development of online Pension Administration training.

Lead for development of online PN program; partnership with Corrections.

9/2009 - Kansas Ethanol customized computer training.
Great Bend Tribune customized graphic design training.

12/2009 - Possible WorkFit expansion in 2010.
Community customer service training. Essex Organizational Development training.

3/2010 - ABBB - Customer Service training
Community - Computer Training Kansas Ethanol - second round of Customized Computer Training


7.3 Seek alternative sources of funding to support workforce programs and services.

7.3.1 Utilize business and industry partnerships to enhance fiscal support of career technical programs and students.

7.3.2 Seek appropriate grant opportunities and submit applications in support of new and/or current career technical programs and operations.

7.3.3 Partner with the College's Foundation to secure student scholarships for career technical programs and fiscal support for career technical programs.

7.3.4 Identify appropriate programs and/or course fees payable by career technical students.

7.3.1 List B&I financial contributions in support of career and technical programs; report total fiscal value.

7.3.2 List grants submitted and awarded; report total funds gained.

7.3.3 List funding support received from the Foundation.

7.3.4 List program and/or course fees charged to students; compile total funds received and list how funds were used on behalf of the program.


9/2009 - Lyons Hospital – beds and bed side tables
Automotive Dealership sponsorship of work shirts for auto students

12/2009 - Ellsworth Hospital - Patient Monitors

3/2010 - Essex - network cable AlternaCare - CPAP Units
Dove – Automotive Scholarship


9/2009 - Submitted HIT Grant in conjunction with Department of Commerce.
Submitted/Received Perkins Reserve Grant for ITV Equipment for Natural Gas Program.
Submitted/Received Energy Grant in conjunction with Department of Commerce and Gas Industry – Measurement Training.

12/2009 - Received HIT Grant. Submitting Workforce Solutions grant in January 2010.


9/2009 - Foundation Mini Grants

  • Carol Crockett (MA
  • Carol Crockett, Karyl White, Jane Youngers (MA, EMS & Nursing)
  • Shanna Legleiter (Customer Service)
  • Tech Scholar Project

3/2010 - Edward L. “Dusty” Jones Endowment - MLT


9/2009 - Fall review of current course fees.

12/2009 - Course fee adjustments, if appropriate, will be made in conjunction with the College Bulletin of Classes deadlines.






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