Develop a highly functional human resource system


Yearly Based Objectives

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date


2.1 Celebrate successful college achievements.





2.1.1 Gene Kingslien, Bill Nash and Wynn Butler established a Fort Riley Barton "Coin" for award to individuals that exemplify a "Barton Driven" motivation and contribute to the success of a specific project. A number of coins have been awarded to commemorate successful activities, for example the integrating Survey Wizard into OAC assessment by Mike Cox.

President (Pres), Management Council (MC)

2.2 Recognize individual department successes

2.2.1 Continue implementing a process to motivate supervisors to regularly celebrate individual and departmental celebrations. E.G., short motivational e-mail messages

Management Staff, Human Resources (HR)

2.3 Recognize annual anniversary of each employee

2.3.1 Create and maintain an up-to-date list of employee work anniversaries accessible by supervisors

Management Staff, HR

2.4 Complete remaining components of HR Action Plan

2.4.1 Continue updating job descriptions for all positions utilizing the new job description format (where feasible) - HR & Appropriate College Work Areas

2.4.2 Make proposal for streamlined hiring procedure for regular positions based on recommendations provided by HR consultant, hiring supervisors, and HR staff

2.4.3 If procedure is modified, notify supervisors of changes


2.5 Revise, update, and extend HR Action Plan

2.5.1 Review current status of HR Action Plan components (last updated 3-17-09)--complete, in-process, or not started. Determine components to be completed and develop timeline accordingly.

Pres, DB, HR

2.6 Address Category 4 AQIP Process, Results, and Improvement questions Valuing People

2.6 Link to AQIP wiki where responses are being developed: Category 4





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