Support economic development initiatives



Yearly Based Objective

Actions for Year 2

Criteria (Measures) and/or Outcomes

Actions/Results to Date

Responsible Person

7.1 Develop and maintain partnerships that enhance the College's ability to serve workforce needs in a responsive manner.

7.1.1 Utilize partnerships to identify workforce programs that serve economic needs.
7.1.2 Increase opportunities for student workforce experiences.
7.1.3 Enhance high school partnerships to include career technical concurrent coursework and career pathway opportunities.

7.1.1 Seek guidance from advisory boards and/or other partners to develop new and enhanced career technical programs.

7.1.2 Identify new internship and/or apprenticeship opportunities.

7.1.3 Identify secondary partnerships interested in offering carer technical programs to students. Implement career technical concurrent offerings at the secondary level; provide list of offerings. Identify secondary partnerships interested in developing career pathways. Implement career pathways with a secondary partner; provide list of pathway partnerships.

7.2 Serve as an active participant in local and area economic development.--
7.2.1 Identify and implement as appropriate programs and services which support economic development initiatives.
7.2.1 Seek economic development partnerships on behalf of the College; provide list of economic development partners. Identify programs and services that respond to local and area economic needs; provide list of responses.

7.3 Seek alternative sources of funding to support workforce programs and services.

7.3.1 Utilize business and industry partnerships to enhance fiscal support of career technical programs and students.
7.3.2 Seek appropriate grant opportunities and submit applications in support of new and/or current career technical programs and operations.
7.3.3 Partner with the College's Foundation to secure student scholarships for career technical programs and fiscal support for career technical programs.

7.3.4 Identify appropriate programs and/or course fees payable by career technical students.

7.3.1 List B&I financial contributions in support of career and technical programs; report total fiscal value.

7.3.2 List grants submitted and awarded; report total funds gained.

7.3.3 List funding support received from the Foundation.

7.3.4 List program and/or course fees charged to students; compile total funds received and list how funds were used on behalf of the program.




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