Strategic Goal 1:

Facilitate Student Success



Yearly Objectives

Action Items

Responsible Person

1.1  Expand/improve Barton's advisement system

In conjunction with Title III, AQIP Advisement Project focused on advisement with students who take online courses. Four expected outcomes were identified. They were : movement toward 100% of fully online students having an assigned advior or contact, movement of students from NDS to identifed program of study, evidence of NDS students utilization of career services, and increased retention of first time degree seeking students to subsequent enrollment.

Advisor assignment - Advisor assignment for students taking only ecourses is increasing. Fall 2008 - 44% Fall 2009 - 49% Spring 2010 - 52% Fall 2010 - 53% Spring 2011 - 55%

Since fall 2008, Barton has seen small but steady movement of ecourse students from non degree seeking status to degree seeking. In the fall of 2008, 52% of ecourse only students were degree seeking. As of spring 2010, that percentage had moved to 56% and as of this semester, spring 2011, it has moved to 57%.

The improvement of advisor assignment has a positive impact on retention of degree seeking students to subsequent sessions and semesters as consistently degree seeking students with advisors are retained at a higher rate than those without advisors, by about double.

AQIP Advisement Project
Dean of Student Services
1.2  Enhance Student Life

• Expanded theatre arts program to include student produced events. “Too Many Sopranos” held Mar 4,5, 2011
• Currently accepting manuscripts for 2nd annual ‘Prairie Ink” literary magazine
• Continue to maintain a strong forensics and music program with multiple yearly opportunities for students to participate
• This A/Y Academics Division assumed full responsibilities for Dance theatyre and Dance Team program. Increased number of Dance performances by 20% over last A/Y
• Presented 2 (one per semester) Planetarium shows
• Residence hall improvements have begun with improvements to the housing commons building. Summer 2011 should see the commons receive new paint, new window shades, and new furniture. 

Dean of Academics
1.3  Expand/improve Barton's developmental
education program

• Established a Developmental Education task force lead by DE coordinator and all DE instructors
• Revised ESOL program by adding additional coursework for low/non-proficient English speakers plus four 1 credit coordinating labs
• Hired additional ESOL instructors (1 f/t; 1 p/t)
• Revised placement testing for better placement of ESOL students
• Coordinated efforts with advisors to better promote all developmental education classes including College Success
• Redesigned schedule offerings of DE classes to better accommodate student athletes (non-conflicting practice times) and coordinated such with Barton coaches input
• Implemented DE Redesign Math program and coordinating such model for DE Reading/English
• Participated in various professional development activities regarding implementing successful DE programs

Dean of Academics
1.4  Improve Barton's GED graduate transition to
Barton Community College programs of studies
• Improved introduction to BCC with GED orientation program
• Did not discount any student who indicated in their initial intake interview their lack of interest to attend BCC beyond completion of GED
• Established a stimulus scholarship to attend Barton for GED graduates
Dean of Academics
1.5 Improve student's cyclic GPA through advisement
and cyclic reporting
We have increased the number of students enrolling in EDUC 1103, Student Success to prepare the student for the developing their goals, healthy study habits, time management, and career exploration to increase their success. Fort Riley Education Center counselors are encouraging both military and family to enroll in the course during the initial education briefing.

Advisors are available for the students during business hours. During enrollment and advising days, the staff focuses on discussing the students’ degree plans and class enrollments. Advisors are discussing the importance of the cycle GPA and overall GPA when advising the students. The goal of the Advisors is to match the students with the best plan for success with academics.

The focus is for the student to enroll in the general education courses to focus on the basic skills. English Composition I or Principle of Grammar as needed, are examples of the courses. As we improve their reading and writing skills, we will improve their chances of success in other courses.

Tutor assistance is available for all students at the Fort Riley Tutor Center. Barton instructors are spending their office hours, which means faculty are available for the students at the Fort Riley Tutor Center helping and encouraging students with their assignments and learning skills.

Students with a GPA below 1.5 are being required to sit out a cycle/semester IAW Barton guidelines, so they can regroup and return. For the Fall 2010 semester 14 students received academic warning or dismissal. Academic Warning - 11 Academic Warning is designed to alert students that may be encountering difficulty in meeting graduation requirements and to notify them so that steps should be taken to improve their academic status. Academic Dismissal - 3 Students placed on Academic Dismissal will not be allowed to enroll for one semester following the semester in which they were suspended.

Dean of Fort Riley


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