Goal 3:
Enhance College Decisions with
Data Driven and Evidence Based Thinking


Yearly Objectives

Action Items

Responsible Person

3.1 Create list/matrix/web page of Institutional Research Surveys and examine usage List has been created and place into the AQIP system portfolio.
AQIP Institutional Research Surveys Matrix
Director of Institutional Research
3.2 Provide data for AQIP action plans

Currently freezing data at key points in time to ensure reproducible data

Dean of Information Services
3.3 Train college staff/faculty on Google Forms Training completed. Google forms is now widely used throughout the college. Dean of Information Services
3.4 Meet KBOR reporting requirements Working with KBOR and Dean of Administration to complete data collections and checking data for accuracy. This is still ongoing. Will be attending the Data Conference in May.
Director of Institutional Research

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