Strategic Goal 6:
Drive Workforce Education and Training



Yearly Objectives

Action Items

Responsible Person

6.1  Increase awareness of career technical programs and services through consistent and ongoing marketing efforts

Barton Website - Working with Programs, Processes and Topics Committee to review and enhance curriculum guides and web site per standardized format. The online program page on our pod has been enhanced.

Marketing with Admissions - Marketing plan in process, meeting to evaluate the marketing plan to be held in the second quarter of the year.

External Marketing - Hoisington High School Juniors Career Fair on Campus, Hoisington High School Sophomores career awareness event, Camp Med at Ellsworth County Medical Center, Central Prairie League art show - Career Publications, Kansas Farm Bureau Safety Day, Central Kansas Medical Center Job Fair, State Spelling Bee - Career Publications.

Program Videos - Increased usage of program videos at career awareness events.

Secondary Articulation Agreements- Agreements finalized, however follow up will continue for those schools denied by the Department of Education.

Research Marketing - Research continues

Dean of Workforce Training and Community Education
6.2  Implement a viable program review process for CTE that includes fiscal reporting (AQIP)

Process - Process finalized for 2010.

Initiate - Reviews are complete by instructional authors.

Complete - Complete

Review - Administrative review has yielded discontinuing AAS in Graphic Design, faculty position not rehired, new web development approach being researched. Working with academics for AA in web design.

Dean of Workforce Training and Community Education
6.3  Expand class offerings at Grandview Plaza Continue Kansas Department of Higher Education and county Household Hazardous Waste training.
Conducted 3 GVP OSHA classes Conducted 3 OSHA classes at Washburn Tech 88 Students 11/30-12/3 Conducted 2 T-T-T OSHA classes at Washburn
Conducted 2 10 Hour OSHA classes for Wichita Tech completed 3 Contractor specific logistics classes with 2 more scheduled. Conducted 1 HHW 24 hour with 2nd scheduled for April 2- 8 Hour HHW classes scheduled for April Working on 40 hour Hazwoper and 8 hour refresher for KDHE Scheduled OSHA construction Trainer for KDOT Scheduled 4 OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes April/May
Dean of Technical Education
6.4  Improve efficiency of military schools operations Develop advisory committees for all tracks of the military tech certificate
Stll working issue (deployments are an issue 12/01/10 C-4 networking/military schools coordinator/advisor proplem need position to fix
03/10/11 submitted PD to VP for Coordinator position
(Completed) Must have 2 fulltime instructors to cover all the classes (sugest move 1 from Military schools and hire assosiate fulltime for back fill) Still need a new fulltime C-4 instructor.
Adding networking certificate to Bartonline for C-4 students to complete. Will top 1000 enrollments this year/would top 1800-2000 with additional instructor.
Advisory Meeting scheduled for May
Dean of Technical Education
6.5  Continue to improve the MOST program Continue MOST operations out of state
On track to top $200K this year
Ft. Knox is working on a contract for training, waiting for new DPTMS to deturmine needs then we will develop new proposal. All other locations are up from last year.
Dean of Technical Education

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