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[VID]OAS-Hiring Faculty Recommendations From Inhabitants of the Dark Side.mp42020-08-12 17:20 1.0G 
[VID]OAS-Implementing a One-To-One iPad Initiative and OER to Improve Student Learning Outcomes.mp42020-08-12 17:20 446M 
[VID]OAS-No Limit on the Road to Academic Achievement at Madisonville Community College.mp42020-08-12 17:20 560M 
[VID]OAS-Staying the Course Partnering to Transform Community.mp42020-08-12 17:20 776M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Another New Paradigm The MillennialZ and Educational Technology.mp42020-06-29 13:24 793M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Attention = Retention.mp42020-06-29 13:23 550M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Because Quality Matters Roadmap to Online Learner Success.mp42020-06-29 13:24 680M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Gamification, Smart Phones, and Brain Science-Increasing Completion for Underprepared Learners in a Free Mobile App.mp42020-06-29 13:24 798M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Human Cannonballs and Evil Geniuses-Boosting Performance in Online Discussions.mp42020-06-29 13:24 828M 
[VID]OC-OFC-New Tools to Improve Inclusive Student Engagement and Retention.mp42020-06-29 13:25 737M 
[   ]OC-OFC-Presentation-Christian-Garrett.pptx2020-06-29 13:24 27M 
[   ]OC-OFC-Presentation-John-Rice.pptx2020-06-29 13:24 9.1M 
[   ]OC-OFC-Presentation-Kathrynn-Hollis-Buchanan.pptx2020-06-29 13:25 97M 
[   ]OC-OFC-Presentation-Lea-Rosenberry-Tami-Tacker.pptx2020-06-29 13:25 5.9M 
[VID]OC-OFC-Teams, Flow, and SharePoint, Oh My! Using Advanced Office 365 Tools for Student Success.mp42020-06-29 13:25 338M 
[VID]OC-OFC-The Neuroscience of Conversations Moving From EQ to C-IQ — Building Conversational Intelligence Competencies Inside Your Classroom.mp42020-06-29 13:25 159M 
[VID]OCSS-Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.mp42020-07-01 14:53 602M 
[VID]OCSS-Everyone Makes a Difference.mp42020-07-01 14:54 948M 
[VID]OCSS-Secrets to Delivering Exceptional.mp42020-07-01 14:54 725M 
[VID]OCSS-Time Management Skills.mp42020-07-01 14:54 651M 
[VID]OSSS-A Mind at Work.mp42020-07-01 14:54 611M 
[VID]OSSS-Breath New Life Into.mp42020-07-01 14:55 903M 
[VID]OSSS-Choice Architecture.mp42020-07-01 14:55 481M 
[VID]OSSS-Mental Health and How.mp42020-07-01 14:55 857M 
[VID]OSSS-Organizing Support for Success.mp42020-07-01 14:55 376M 
[VID]OSSS-The Generational Gearbox.mp42020-07-01 14:55 963M 
[VID]OSSS-Using Student Support Services.mp42020-07-01 14:55 702M 
[VID]OSSS-What Do I Do Now.mp42020-07-01 14:56 1.1G